Using multiple Revision Schedules on the same sheet

Lets’s say thet the company standard requires revisions to be shown on a sheet in a standard table with descriptions and dates, but also in a simplified table containing only revision letters below the drawing number, as shown below.

3.1 Sheet corner w Revisions_mrk

Revisions should be shown on a sheet in two places in full and simplified table.

A solution to this problem is using several Revision Schedules in a Titleblock family – one for the main revision table and one for every revision symbol we want to show in a simplified table. In the case shown above there are total 11 instances of Revision Schedules. All the “simplified” Revision Schedules have to be arranged manually in the proper location and order in the Titleblock and each of them is supposed to display only one revision letter when the respective revision is to be shown in the main revision table. Therefore they should to be reduced to small cells and named according to the revisions they would display.

3.2 Multiple revisions in the Project Browser 3.3 Simplified revision table

Multiple Revision Schedules in the Project Browser (left) and under the drawing number (right) of the Titleblock family.

In order to behave as required, each of the “simplified” Revision Schedules has its standard Revision Sequence field hidden and displays only a Calculated Value called Revision to display, which is controlled by the conditional formula:

if(Revision Sequence > 2, “B”, “”)

This formula shows letter “B” (for example) only if the drawing has already been issued more than two times (the current Revision Sequence is greater than 2). Otherwise it shows nothing.

3.4 Simplified revision schedule setup_mrk

Calculated Value Revision to display and its conditional formula

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