Overcoming the 9144000mm limit of the coordinate value of the Project Base Point

When trying to relocate the project using Manage->Project Location->Position->Relocate the Project to match the real local coordinates of the site it is not possible to use values larger then 9144000mm. In practice, the coordinates are very often larger than this value.

5.1 914400 mm error

9144000 mm error reported when relocating the Project Base Point

However, relocating the Project base Point by editing on screen its coordinates, which show up when the point is selected, mysteriously does not pose this kind of problem to Revit.

5.2 Coordinates of the Project Base Point 5.3 Editing the coordinates of the Project Base Point

No error reported when the coordinates of the Project Base Point are edited directly

Similar situation happens when there is a (less frequent) need of relocating the Survey Point. In this case however the Survey Point must be “detached” (the paperclip symbol next to it must be crossed) in order for its coordinates to be editable – as shown below.

5.3 Editing the coordinates of the Survey Point

Coordinates of the Survey Point edited on-screen

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