Revit 2015 Update Release 7

Today Autodesk released the 7th (!) update for Revit 2015. It is great that guys in Autodesk are working days and nights to make our life easier, but they seem to forget to tell us what exactly they fixed (and they have really a looooot to fix). They ask to “consult the enhamcement documentation” to see the details of this update, but unfortunately the link is empty – oooops. How typical for Autodesk …

Revit 2015 update 7


Revit 2015 update 7_1


AND/OR functionality in filtering

Several tools in Revit have some kind of filtering functionality, which allows to select object based on the values of their selected parameters – e.g Browser Organization, Schedule Properties, Filters – see the samples below. Usually several parameters and their values can be selected at the same time, but they are always in the logical AND relationship. You can never use OR. Trying to find a workaround (one of tens of “workarounds” one has to look for when working with Revit) usually fails, because the number of fields with parameters provided is fixed (e.g three in Browser Organization) and not enough to create the desired result with AND and negation (what is theoretically always possible). Is this such a problem for mighty Autodesk to add an AND/OR selection, switch, radio button or whatever?

Browser Organization filters Filters in Schedules Filters in Visibility Overrides

The left image above shows the Filtering functionality of Browser Organization settings. Currently it is not possible to display Views in the Project Browser Views, which belong to, say, Architectural and Coordination Disciplines only. Allowing using logical OR would solve the problem immediately. Autodesk, please, have mercy upon us !!!

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Revit Project Templates with Worksets

Worksets, their configuration and naming play a big role in maintaining and proliferating architectural office standards with large projects. For years Worksets have been used by architects for much more, than they were designed, namely as all purpose containers helping a lot in organizing Revit contents (the closest functionality to layers that Revit has). It is one of the issues Autodesk must not be aware of as for all those years they were unable or unwilling to include Worksets into Project Templates (.rte files). As always in Revit there is a “workaround” to do it, but why do we have to fight Revit again instead of using it? Could someone from Autodesk finally fix this simple, but important flaw?

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One little veteran bug Autodesk does not care to fix for years

During the Autodesk University in 2011, where I went as a speaker, I reported to the Autodesk team a bug I found in Revit 2012. Revit has many bugs, but this one was particularly annoying, because it came out during the class I had for my students at the University of Hong Kong.

The problem is simple – a Wall with vertically edited layer does not show properly in section when mirrored or drawn in the opposite direction, as shown on the image below. Both Walls are of the same type (3.4_44CON_ve), yet look different in section.

Vertically split layer problem


I was promised that the bug would be reported to the right people/team for solving. In the next version Revit 2013 the bug was still doing very well, so I reported in again on the AU 2012. Very nice sales people from Autodesk apologized, that it had not been fixed and said that this time they would personally follow the problem to ensure it would be solved. The result was that nothing changed in Revit 2014 as well. I knew that Autodesk is generally not doing great in the area of customer support and their product improvement, but this left even me a bit surprised. So I contacted one of the vice presidents of Autodesk, whom I had had once a pleasure to meet in Hong Kong. I wrote to him a long letter complaining on the slow development of Revit in general and giving the above little bug as an example of poor quality of their service. He acknowledged the problem, contacted me with “the right people”, who apologized again and promised to put my bug at the top of their list of priorities. I may be naive, but I believed them again thinking that intervention at such a high level must bring some results. Oh, how wrong I was… Believe it or not, but nothing changed in Revit 2015. Morover, upto this date (12 Feb 2015) we have already had six so called “Update Releases” of Revit (kind of intermediate upgraded versions) and the file with my lovely bug attached to this post (link below) behaves the same way when opened in this ultra-upgraded Revit 2015 Update Release 6 as it behaved back in 2011.

I think it makes sense now to start taking bets how many more years will it take for one of the largest software companies in the world to fix a little bug in its flagship BIM application, which had been reported to them for four years. Anyone?

If you have had similar experience with Autodesk or would like to share your own bug found in Revit, please use the link above to write your post.

Please use the link below to download the file with my bug in Revit 2015.

Mirrored wall with split layers problem 2015