AND/OR functionality in filtering

Several tools in Revit have some kind of filtering functionality, which allows to select object based on the values of their selected parameters – e.g Browser Organization, Schedule Properties, Filters – see the samples below. Usually several parameters and their values can be selected at the same time, but they are always in the logical AND relationship. You can never use OR. Trying to find a workaround (one of tens of “workarounds” one has to look for when working with Revit) usually fails, because the number of fields with parameters provided is fixed (e.g three in Browser Organization) and not enough to create the desired result with AND and negation (what is theoretically always possible). Is this such a problem for mighty Autodesk to add an AND/OR selection, switch, radio button or whatever?

Browser Organization filters Filters in Schedules Filters in Visibility Overrides

The left image above shows the Filtering functionality of Browser Organization settings. Currently it is not possible to display Views in the Project Browser Views, which belong to, say, Architectural and Coordination Disciplines only. Allowing using logical OR would solve the problem immediately. Autodesk, please, have mercy upon us !!!

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