Megacolumn – fully parametric

This megacolumn (“mega” because of its size) was developed for the West Kowloon Terminus railway station in Hong Kong. Several such columns support the iconic roof over the concourse, but each one is slightly different and this is why the column has everything parametric including:

  • bottom and top radius
  • length of lower and upper straight portion
  • radius of bending “knee”
  • angle of bending

Revit 2015 version.

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Round parametric planter with bench

This is a pretty complex family created for the landscape division of the Hong Kong Housing Authority. It has a lot of parameters including:

  • Radius of planter.
  • Seat depth of bench.
  • Dimensions of footing.
  • Drainage channel width.
  • Many parameters for a section, like materials of various layers and their thicknesses.

Let me know if you find it useful, inspiring or not at all …

Revit 2015 version

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